Oddsmonkey Premium vs. Oddsmonkey Free

As matched betting’s popularity increased, so do the websites offering free calculators and bookmaker offers that make it possible.  With all the free information available, it’s hard to understand why anyone would want to pay a monthly premium for it?  As an Oddsmonkey premium member i will share why i feel Oddmonkey’s £17.99 monthly fee is money well spent!

Oddmonkey free vs. Oddsmonkey premium

Oddsmonkey have been supporting matched betters for over five years and were the original developers of the oddsmatcher software.  They have over forty thousand members and offer both a free service and monthly/yearly premium subscription.  The main differences is the ability to access the oddsmatching software and the daily offer calendar with the Oddsmonkey Premium.  Both critical tools if you want to take matched betting seriously and and earn a decent profit each month. This is because both tools combined cuts the amount of time searching for offers and bets to a few minutes per offer, something that would take far longer without. Other benefits with Oddmonkey Premium include additional tutorials, a community, and online customer support.  A full breakdown of the differences are below.

Odds Monkey Premium

Oddsmonkey Premium Daily Offer Calendar

The daily offer calendar is part of premium and something i check every single day.  It gives a breakdown of all offers available throughout the week across the bookmakers sites in one place.  Drop down menu’s on the left hand side of the calendar filter offers to specific needs from sportsbook to casino, easy to hard, guaranteed or potential profit, and many more.  Below is a snapshot of the Calendar from Oddsmonkey.

Oddsmonkey daily offer calendar

Each offer has its own description, strategy on how to complete the offer, and its own thread in the forum to discuss the offer with Oddsmonkey Premium members.  This is accessed by clicking on the offer you want to complete.  I have clicked on the William Hill Bet £10 get £5 Bet (Scratch of the Day) to use as an example below.  Once you have found the offer, you would go to the oddsmatcher software to find and place the bets.

Oddsmonkey daily offer calendar

Oddsmonkey Premium Oddsmatcher

The Oddsmonkey oddsmatcher tool collates all bookmakers events and odds, pairing them with the lay offers on the exchange websites.  It gives you all the information you need to be able to place each bet. There is an option’s filter that allows you to filter offers by bookmaker, sport, sports market and more.  The search option allows you to search for a specific game relevant to the offer you are completing. 

Below is a snapshot of the oddsmatcher.  I have filtered this to find matches for William Hills offer we looked at on the offers page. You’ll notice on the bar at the top from left to right it shows, the time/date of the event, the details of what the event is, the bet type, The rating % and SNR % (stake not returned) which relates to how much money is either lost or won on the qualifying and free bets, the higher the rating the better the loss and profits will be.  The highest ratings and best offers are always shown at the top of the page. The bookmaker back bet and the exchange lay bet are shown to show the odds differences between both.  Finally the availability shows how much money is available at the exchange for that particular bet.

Placing your Qualifying Bet

After finding the bet you want to place (we will use the top bet (Navan 15:40), the next step is to click on the information button (i) which brings up the below calculator showing requirements of what to place at the bookmaker and exchange.  As the bet being placed at William Hill is a “qualifying bet” to unlock the free bet, the calculator needs to be in NORMAL mode highlighted at the top.  The William Hill stake would need to be changed to whatever value the qualifying bet requires, in this case it would be £10. The calculator then gives instruction of what bets you would need to place at the bookmaker and the exchange, and also the qualifying loss of the bet. The £10 back bet can now be placed at William Hill on the chosen event. 

A great feature Oddsmonkey Premium has is the ability to link your Smarkets account with Oddsmonkey.  Once the accounts are linked, by pressing the Lay the bet button it will automatically place the lay bet for you on Smarkets.  A great addon that can save allot of time manually laying the bet. The qualifying bet is now placed and from the calculator you can see a £0.67 qualifying loss is incurred.

Placing your Lay Bet

Once the “qualifying bet” had been placed, the free bet from William Hill would now be available. The same process would be followed on the oddsmatcher to find a suitable bet.  The higher the odds of the free bet the more money can be made.  Its always recommended to place your free bets on odds of 4 or greater to maximise profit. Once the bet had been found the calculator would need to be changed to FREE BET (SNR).  90% of bookmaker free bets are stake not returned meaning your winnings would not include the free bet amount staked. From the example below we are using the free bet from the bookmaker with an overall profit of £4.62. 

Calculating Profit

Once the back bet and lay bets are placed and the event has taken place the offer will be completed.  Subtracting the £0.67 qualifying loss from the £4.62 free bet profit would give an overall profit of £3.95 for the William Hill Offer. With the use of both the daily calendar and the oddsmatcher tool this can be completed within a few minutes.  You can log your bet by pressing the button at the bottom of the calculator.  Logged bets are accumulated on a profit tracker in the Oddmonkey Premium main menu.


That’s a basic overview of the daily offer calendar and oddsmatcher tool that come with Oddmonkey Premium.  In conclusion both are great for matched betting and go into more detail than what i have shown above.  Along with the Oddsmonkey forum, customer support and tutorials, it makes the premium membership well worth the cost.  Something that can be made back within a week using the tools provided.

If you have anymore questions regarding Oddsmonkey Premium or matched betting in general please use the contact form to get in touch and i will be more happy to help. 



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