Before Getting Started With Matched Betting

Affiliate Disclaimer: i use Oddsmonkey to support me with matched betting, as i believe in transparency i am disclosing that i am an Oddsmonkey affiliate and will receive an affiliate commission if you signed up with Oddsmonkey through any of the links on this website.

Here is some beginner advice on getting started with matched betting that i either adopted from the start, or picked up along the way. Hopefully it will help you at the start of your journey too. 

1. Create a separate email address

Bookmakers send endless amounts of offers via email, so it’s wise to create a separate email  for matched betting.  But make sure you don’t call it or anything like that.  Bookmakers are not a fan of matched betting, any inclination they have could mean your account’s either restrict or closed.

2. Have a separate bank account

More of a recommendation than a must, i have a separate bank account for matched betting.  Because there’s allot of money moving between accounts i like to keep it separate from everything else.  I also reinvest my profits so it helps me keep track when its in a separate account.  The more money you have available for matched betting the more you will make.

3. Check Topcashback

Unfortunately this is definitely a must and something i only picked up way after getting started with matched betting. Allot of bookmakers have cashback available on Topcashback when signing up with them.  Follow the links through Topcashback and you will benefit from there and the bookmakers sign up offer, a double win. 

4. Create a spreadsheet for usernames

OddsMonkey have some awesome features on their website including a profit tracker and guides for pretty much every single offer available.  Unfortunately though they cannot remind you of your bookmaker account details.  I keep a basic spreadsheet that shows me all the bookmakers i am signed up with and my account usernames.  I also log what offers and free bets i have pending with the bookmakers. This helps as over time you will have multiple offers active with different bookmakers making it hard to keep track.

5. Have documentation at the ready

Some bookmakers will request copies of your ID, proof of address and payment methods to verify your account.  Its ideal to have these documents saved on your computer so you can quickly upload them for verification.  Bookmakers may stop you from withdrawing any winnings until the account is verified. You can usually check if this is required under the my account section on the bookmakers website.  I check this straight away when signing up to a new bookmaker.

6. Use a laptop or desktop PC

Matched betting is possible on a phone or tablet, but time is money!  The quickest way to matched bet is on a laptop or PC using a keyboard and mouse.  It basically allows you to place bets and switch between sites allot quicker.  You don’t need an expensive computer, just one that’s quick enough for basic internet use.

This is not an exhaustive list but will definitely make getting started with matched betting easier and more enjoyable. Click on the link below to start making money matched betting today.

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